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The Bank of Iberia debit card works like cash or a personal check, but is safer than carrying cash, and usually easier and faster than writing a check.

Why use a debit card?

Debit card enthusiasts like the pay-as-you-go concept — the convenience of a credit card, without interest payments or a bill to pay monthly.


  • The Bank of Iberia debit card is available with any Personal Checking Account!
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) can be found nearly everywhere.
  • Debit cards are more readily accepted than checks, particularly when traveling.
  • Checkout’s quicker — no need for check approval.
  • Accepted anywhere you see the VISA logo
  • No interest charges.
  • You can use your debit card to get cash back when you make a purchase at a store.

ATM Services

We now have two ATM locations.

Bank of Iberia
841 Highway 42
201 Cash James Loop

Report a lost or stolen Debit/Credit Card

Debit Card

During regular banking hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., please contact our customer service department at any of our locations.

During non-banking hours, please call our debit card processor at 1 (800) 264-4274. A CSI staff member will ask you questions to verify your identity and will then cancel your card. Card re-issuance will be handled by us.

Credit Card

During banking and non-banking hours, please call our credit card processor at 1 (800) 821-5184. Our processor is Card Services. Their customer service department will handle the card cancellation and re-issuance.


P: (573) 793-2224


P: (573) 774-3110


Branch Locations


Please call 1 (800) 264-4274.